Every year 0.6-1.7 million tons of microfibers are released into the ocean. These very tiny particles, less than 5 millimeters in diameter, are now found throughout aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems all over the world. The increasing use of plastic and synthetic fibers, including the clothing industry, is likely to have drastic implications on the environment. For this reason, the Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli team is actively committed, through concrete actions, to mitigate environmental impact. Thanks to a collaboration with The Woolmark Company, high-performance and innovative garments have been designed for the sailing team’s uniform, created with high percentages of natural fibers such as Merino wool: a biodegradable and renewable material, with a very low impact both in its production cycle and disposal, and with extraordinary breathability and waterproof characteristics.

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    Wet Jacket

    The Wet Jacket is a special garment created exclusively for the sailing team in collaboration with The Woolmark Company. It is made by a neoprene outer layer, which provides water resistance, and a merino wool inner part for thermal isolation. It is mainly used in the recovery sessions during the sea training.

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    It can be worn as leisure time clothing or during workouts time. It’s made by 100% Merino Wool guaranteeing excellent results in terms of thermal performance.

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    The Polo is made by 100% Merino Wool. The wool is a material known by years for his capacity to keep warm and protect by cold, avoiding drastic temperature swings, ensuring in the meanwhile the utmost comfort.

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    Official Sailing Team Jacket

    This water proof jacket highly versatile, is worn by sailing team member over a wide range of weather conditions. It’s made by a Merino wool inner layer which provides thermal isolation. The jacket, created in collaboration with The Woolmark Company, has been tested directly by our sailors, complying with the highest quality standards

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    Soft Shell

    This jacket, worn by the whole team, is made by a Merino wool-micropile inner layer. The outer consists of a waterproof material with high breathability and thermal isolation.



    The AC75s are spectacular boats capable of reaching speeds of around 50 knots (approximately 100 km/h or 58mph) but are also complex and hard to manage. The hulls may undergo sudden strong decelerations and even capsize. Therefore the sailors on board must be properly equipped and trained for the most extreme situations.

  • Prevention

    All members of the Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli Team have been trained with BLSD (Basic Life Support and Defibrillation) Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation courses, cylinder breathing and man overboard recovery. There are doctors and divers on the chase boats, ready to intervene whenever necessary.

  • Dedicated training sessions

    The AC75 yachts of the next America’s Cup can capsize, so swimming and underwater training sessions are planned. Even if every sailor on board has his own supply of oxygen, what makes the difference is the tranquillity with which teams face a possible unforeseen event or accident. The oxygen reserves can last up to eight minutes, when panicking, just a minute.

  • Instruments and safety procedures

    Onbaord each team member wears technical apparel equipped with mandatory safety devices (helmet, life jacket, oxygen reserve and personal knife) and by rules it must not exceed 5 kg weight. Other knives are located on the boat. Indicators t are visible and mounted on the internal bulkheads of the boat to indicate escape routes from the hull.

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    It made by neoprene. It’s waterproof and breathable. On the knees protective inserts are applied , which protect the sailors by any impacts that could incur during sailing.

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    Communications devices

    Team members onboard use personal communication devices highly advanced that facilitate a clear and direct information exchange during sailing, that reaches high speed.

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    Personal knife

    The sailing team is also equipped with an individual knife to be used in the event of any crew member being caught in difficult situations. It is located in the front pocket of the life jacket so it can be extracted as quickly as possible

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    PFD - life jacket with protective inserts

    Life jackets are worn by every person on board, in order to ensure their safety should they fall into the water. It is a very technical and light product that allows freedom of movement but is also an extremely useful tool in the event of a collision or capsizing.

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    It is connected with the oxygen reserve and is activated in case of accident

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    Oxygen reserve

    Each crew member is equipped with an oxygen tank (small in size) useful for their own survival or to assist others in case of emergency. It is located in the back/side pocket of the life jacket.

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    The helmet is worn by those on board and is numbered, so that, in the event of “man overboard” or capsizing, it is easier to count the safe crew members and, where necessary, concentrate efforts on recovering missing ones.