Born in Spain and resident in Palma de Mallorca, David started working as a sailmaker when he was 18 in the largest sail loft for Superyachts in Palma de Mallorca (Vela2000). From there he went on to form part of Halsey Lidgard, where he had the opportunity to work in Connecticut (Old Mystic), learning the techniques to make the first cuben fiber sails (composite material dyneema/polyester). He then entered the Doyle sail loft in Palma where he grew professionally, becoming floor manager in charge of the Spanish team. He later joined the North Sails group in Palma de Mallorca where he continues to carry out his duties and participates in regatta services for circuits such as RC44, San Barth, Ibiza, Palma etc. He is an industrial machinery technician (sewing machines) and over the years he has self-taught himself and been in close contact with Solent UK and Ferrari Mario IT. A lifelong passionate windsurfer, in recent years he has taken to kitesurfing, where he finds his moments of peace.  The 37th America’s Cup is his first edition.