To celebrate its long-awaited return to competing, the Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli for the second time in history presents an official team merchandising collection. The approach to this collection is focused on technical and functional details, as it combines style with INNOVATIVE FABRICS, PRECISION in the attention to detail and PASSION that lies behind this project.

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    The AC75 is a new class of boats designed to compete in the 36th America’s Cup presented by PRADA events: they are the result of cutting-edge research and technology. This philosophy is applied not only to the design and development of the AC75 Luna Rossa, but also to all forms of equipment, including the team apparel. The garments in this official team merchandising collection feature classic cuts with innovative materials that ensure comfort and elegance.

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    In the design of a boat as complex boat as the AC75, details are essential and make the difference on the racecourse. There is no doubt that high performance and the utmost attention to detail are the leading inspiration for the development of the AC75 Luna Rossa, as they are also for the design of the apparel: an approach that is reflected in every single item of the team's 2021 collection.

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    It all began in the spring of 1997, when, during a dinner, the idea of a new Italian team was born. In a matter of days the core group of the challenge was established. A challenging team that to this day, after two decades, does not cease to fascinate Italians and sailing enthusiasts from all over the world. Competing in the America’s Cup is a game of passion, a trait that strongly defines Italians. The same passion that fired the project burns today, stronger than ever, as it guides the team in this edition that will take place once again in the waters of Auckland.