Altair is among the Official Supplier for Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli Team

Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli Team is proud to announce its collaboration with Altair, a company providing solutions in data analytics, simulation, and high-performance computing (HPC). Altair supports the engineering team of the AC75 Luna Rossa sailboat with simulation software and engineering services.



Auckland, October 28th, 2020 – The Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli design team, in charge of the design of the AC75 and its components, has chosen the Altair products. Altair’s simulation solutions are applied to design, develop, and optimize most of the boat’s components, and used to study the structural aspects of fluid-structure interaction (FSI).

With this type of analysis, the engineers can investigate the response of the boat’s overall structural model to its impact with water, obtaining important information on how the composite structures of the hull, deck, and interior react under dynamic conditions.

With the Altair software, the engineers can also evaluate the shape of the components immersed in water under load, considering the orthotropic elastic properties of composites and connecting structures. Finally, the team is applying topology optimization on many metal components to fully exploit the design flexibility provided by “additive manufacturing”.

“We are delighted to welcome Altair as an official supplier,” said Alessandro Franceschetti, head of structural engineering of the Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli team. “Altair provides one of the most advanced and efficient composite design platforms on the market. The optimization of composite structures with Altair OptiStruct has allowed us to automate the ply-by-ply structural sizing processes of all primary structures of the boat, reaching an unmatched level of detail. This systematic and detailed approach to composite optimization has opened the door to a radical approach in the construction of components in the yard. It has also resulted in significant weight savings with the same structural efficiency while also improving the weight distribution of the boat.”