Life at the Base

For over three years now days at the base have followed a very precise rhythm. The challenge machine moves forward thanks to the commitment and passion of more than 100 professionals.

An America's Cup team is a complex mechanism that counts over 100 people who will work together for a period of over three years.
All team members share common qualities: determination and motivation, and each of them share the same goal, which is to win the oldest and most coveted trophy in the world of sports: the America's Cup. This legendary regatta is not only a tale of sailing and sports, but an epitome of technology and innovation.
At the Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli team base, for almost three years now, each day has followed a strict schedule, in which each detail is meticulously organized. The day begins early in the morning with a workout in the gym for the sailing crew, and continues with the roll-out of the hull, sea trials on the water, a debrief, analysis of the data collected, and the design and implementation of new components.
The team counts 114 professionals, each with a very specific role, divided in four departments. All of them work together in synergy.

The Design Team, together with the development of hull, sails and all custom components, carries out a daily analysis of data collected on the simulator and from the computers connected to the hull during training at sea. It counts 36 people, divided in 5 specialty areas: naval architecture, structural engineering, mechanical engineering, aero-hydrodynamic engineering, computer engineering. Thanks to a well-synchronized activity with the Sailing team and the Shore team, they study and design solutions to increase the performance of the boat.

The Shore Team counts 41 people. The group follows the construction and maintenance of the numerous systems that make up the AC75. They too are divided in specialty groups: hydraulics, electronics, riggers, sailmakers, mechanical workshop, composites and carbon processing, and deck equipment and painting. They are active both on shore, when the boat returns from training, and at sea, ready to intervene if necessary.

21 sailors make up the Sailing Team, a mix of young and upcoming sporting talents and veteran sailors with numerous regattas and America's Cup campaigns under their belt. In addition to training at sea and on land, they are involved in all development and maintenance activities for the AC75.

The Service Team manages with all the services in place to support base activities,: from logistics to administration, from public relations to the development of media content, and from food services to medical assistance.

Each role is extremely important and an essential element in the overall machine. No single individual has a predominant role. Here the star of the show is the boat and the entire team that works alongside it. This is the spirit that embodies the Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli team, a group effort carried out with professionalism and commitment.