The team takes a wage cut, a percentage donated to purchase lung ventilators in support of hospitals of the Sardinia Region.

Cagliari, April 17th 2020 - The Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli team agrees to a salary reduction plan to meet the economic situation currently affecting Italy and the whole world. Guided by a spirit of responsibility and solidarity for the region hosting them, the team members also chose to donate part of this sum to support the hospitals of the Sardinia Region in their fight against Coronavirus. The total donation will be used to purchase five lung ventilators for the ATS hospitals most in need, based on the number of patients hospitalized in critical conditions.

Part of the technical staff in the Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli team was also involved in the production of protective visors to integrate the supplies already being sent to the Cagliari hospitals.

Max Sirena, Skipper and Team Director: “This is our opportunity to express friendship and gratitude to all of those in the frontline of this battle who face each day with courage and commitment. I am very proud of how the team reacted; these important initiatives would not be possible without the help of everyone. We feel very close to Cagliari and Sardinia, where we have established our base with our families and feel at home."

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