Luna Rossa starts the second phase of modifications to the two AC45s

© Carlo Borlenghi

Following over two months of training on the water with the two “flying" AC45s, Luna Rossa is now at work on the second phase of boat development.

The next 40 days will be dedicated to new structural modifications of the catamarans based on the results of the sea trials carried out in the past months.

Max Sirena, skipper of Luna Rossa, said: "The design of any winning boat requires a close collaboration between sailors, designers and the shore team: each modification is the result of months of tests, simulations and a constant search of performing solutions. The feedback that the sailors give to the designers regarding their feelings onboard is crucial. If this is true for all boats,  it is even more important in the design of full-foiling catamarans, where each parameter is taken to the extreme."

In the coming weeks the team will focus therefore on the development of the boats; the new modifications will be tested during the next phase of sea trials scheduled for mid-April.